Telogen Effluvium is the last stage of hair growing process. After catagen stage the hair follicles goes to the resting position. Our hair also goes to sleeping mode; this is an interesting matter to sleeping mode. This mode is known telogen phase. Normally this mode stays for two to four months and 30% of hair remain in this phase. Then hair falls out and new hair start to grow. Everyday 100 hairs fall out but due to this telogen process 300 hair may fall out.


Factors that affect the telogen


  • Surgery
  • Mental stress
  • Medication
  • Hormonal changes
  • Sever fever and infection.
  • Lack of iron in diet


It can be matter of anxiety if your hair is falling within a short period. Although new hair replaces the old one. That is why you don’t go to bald completely. For very short period, you may have thinner hair but after while the scalp become full of hair.


If you are going through this phase, you will see more hair loss than usual. It is the basic telogen symptom.


How to diagnose Telogen

As some hair fall is normal for everyone and the symptom of telogen is hair fall that is why it is little difficult to identify the causes due to telogen. If you are affected with telogen then it is good to go to expert who can diagnose it thoroughly. If you are facing hair fall for several months then it can be telogen. However if your doctor tug some hair and some come out then it can be said that you most probably affected by telogen effluvium.


If the hair fall is, sever than doctors can remove some hair follicles from the affected area. Then it is tested to find out the actual reason.



As you already know that telogen is the part of normal hair growing process. SO there is no need even there is no effective treatment to prevent telogen. If it is caused by some disorder then the treatment of that disorder is essential. When the disorder is fixed, the telogen phase also will be fixed automatically.



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