Origin of Hair


origin of hair


Hair is one of the surprising parts of the body that has no sense. It grows day by day automatically. We don’t feel any pain while cutting it. The structure and the process of hair growing is bit complex. But I will present it as easy as possible.


Structure of hair

The hair you see on the scalp has mainly two parts. One remains inside the scalp and the other part appears on the upper side of the scalp. The hair grows from the hair follicles, which lies inside the skin. The inside part of the hair which emits from the follicles is known as hair root. In addition, the other part you see on the scalp is known as hair shaft. Hair roots inside the hair follicles receives the necessary nutrients. At the same time within the hair follicles the new cells are formed. There are few organs that consists the follicles such as


  • Dermal papilla
  • Sebaceous gland
  • Arrector pili


Papilla: A cone shaped protrusion feeds the hair bulb necessary nutrients.


Sebaceous gland: This organ make the hair roots lubricated, healthy and shiny.


Arrector pili: It is an organ of the follicles that response at the time of fear or cold.


Dermal papilla supplies nutrients to hair bulbs and hair bulbs generates new cells. This cells move through the hair root and is filled with protein. When this hair emits from the skin then it is nothing but fiber made protein.

The protein made hair on the upper side of the scalp is known as hair shaft. Hair shaft consist of three layers.


  • Cuticles
  • Cortex
  • Medulla


Cuticle: Cuticle is a coating that covers the keratin scales.


Cortex: Mid layer covers the cuticle.


Medulla:It is normally found in rough hair and remain absent in fine hair.


At the end of this article, now you can assume that our hair is made of protein and this protein is a result of amino acid.However,Amino acid chain is joined by peptide chain that is also joined by side bonds. 


As at the beginning of the article, I mentioned that origin of hair is a process of long activity. Therefore, the chances of being affected by any diseases is very high. If you are affected with any kind of hair problem, you should contact your doctor immediately.



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