How to stop hair fall


How to stop


A number of solution have been discussed for hair fall so far. So it is of no use if discuss it again. Rather it is more logical to present some unusual treatment that really works for reducing hair fall.


The tricks proves interesting and fruitful in regrowing hair. Here some tricks are discussed.


Hair spa

It is an interesting and entertaining treatment. You will spend a relaxing time doing hair spa. Is a series of steps that includes condition the hair, repairing dry hair and removing dandruff? Dandruff is the root cause for hair fall. A relaxing massage is also helps to reduce stress and increase blood circulation. As a result, the hair get back some life.


Laser therapy

A laser therapy is a kind of treatment that stimulates the scalp; revive the skin and hair shafts. A laser device is used to give hair treatment.


Oiling before bath

Applying oil to the scalp is a good practice for the hair. But some people does not want to have sticky hair. If you are one of those then you can apply oil before having bath. It is beneficial to apply warm oil to the hair, as it is helps penetrate the pores so that the scalp get better flow of blood.



Some particular exercise that helps to boost the blood circulation is potentially helps to stimulate the scalp. Warming up for some time and stretching excites the heart and increase blood flow. So the scalp get enough nutrients through increased blood circulation. 


Some tips for reducing hair loss

  • Do not apply chemical made hair care. It is more harmful than its potential benefits.
  • Always have natural foods rather refined or processed foods. Refined foods potentially have harmful element that can create negative chemical reaction to your skin and scalp.
  • Use natural hair care to treat any kind of hair problem. It is a good idea to seek natural solution for a natural problem.
  • Reducing stress and being jolly minded is the precondition for reducing hair fall problem. So you can try yoga, meditation to get rid of mental pressure.
  • Whatever solution you try, make sure that it is mild in nature and has less side effects for your health.


Whatever the steps you take it has to be less harmful and lees potential side effects. The more you remain to close of the nature the more chance of having less side effects.


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