Hair Shaft


Hair shaft


In my previous article I have already discussed about the structure of hair and how it origins from the hair follicles. Not only have the hair follicles structured but also about the hair shaft structure. So in this article I am not going to describe about the hair shaft again rather I would discuss some other issues related with hair shaft.


How hair shaft is been defected

Defects in hair shaft is most of the time structural. So it is not a easy job to identify the defects with bared eyes. Its need an expert eye to find out the actual problem. So don’t try to apply any hair solution if you don’t have proper knowledge about the problem. My purpose to write this article is to give you an idea so you can at least understand the problem to take right course of action.Symptom of hair shaft defects-


  • Hair loss
  • Rough hair
  • Uncomfortable hair
  • Fragile hair


The causes of hair defects is categorized as external injury and chemical injury. The external injury is mostly done by excessive hair styling. Chemical injury is also mostly caused by hair styling.


The external injury is caused by-

  • Extra hair caring
  • Excessive tight ponytail.
  • Hair drying heat.


The chemical injury is cause by-

  • Hair straightner
  • Dyes


Tips to avoid hair shaft defects

  • Don’t expose your hair to direct sun
  • Always try to use gentle shampoo.
  • At the time of using conditioner, be sure that your hair is washed.
  • While using hair dryer keep it minimum cool heated.
  • Hair styling with chemical made hair are often seriously injure you hair. Always go with simple hair styling.


If you follow the mentioned steps, you can expect to eliminate most of the hair shaft related problem.


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