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Hair science


I think I have already discussed the major important issues regarding the hair fall problem. All the articles I have written in this website are scientific and clinically proved fact. In this article, I will discuss some relevant topic that are scientific as well as beneficial for the treatment of hair fall problem.


Causes of hair damage

A number of things can damage your hair. Environmental pollution, chemical reaction of hare product, poor diet, mental stress etc are main factor responsible for hair fall.


Another thing that mostly causes hair damage is water. Our hair is build with natural protector. A natural coating called cuticles that works as a natural hair protector. Water make the inner portion of hair stretched. If the inner portion of hair get swelling and stretched then the cuticles starts to damage. As a result, the hair starts impairing.


How often hair should be washed

Well the answer of this question vary from people to people. You may not need to wash your hair frequently but other may need. Dermatologist says washing hair frequently harm more than it benefits you. Three factors determine the frequency of washing hair.


Skin Type:  It is advised that if your hair is normal and easy to dry, then you can wash it once or twice in a week.But having a tallow skin then it needs to wash very often.


Hair texture: The scalp ground or skin matters how often the sebum emits from the roots. If your hair is curly then the sebum emission may be interrupted. Then you should wash it once in a week.


Styling: Hair treatment and frequent styling is important criteria for determining hair-washing option. When you see that your hair is getting damaged by hair styling then you should wash your less frequently.


Aging hair

Hair graying is a normal process with increasing age. You should not use anything that could potentially damage the hair follicles. Don’t heat too much or use chemical hair solution. Otherwise, it may gray your hair as a side effect of that product.


Apart from all these facts, hair loss due to pregnancy, long hair, beautiful hair have their own scientific explanation. Nothing happens absurdly inside your body. Whatever takes place with your hair has some specific reason and logic. So trying something about which you are not sure can be dangerous and harmful.


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