Anagen phase is active phase of hair follicles. In this phase hair, follicles produce hair shaft. This phase remain active for longer period. What hair you see on the scalp goes through this phase. In every 28 days, hair grows half an inch. If you go without trimming,a hair shaft grows 18-30 inches.


Mechanism of Anagen

The time of anagen phase varies from people to people. It is mainly influences by yourby genetics. Many people have long anagen phase so that they have long hair for long period. Some people have less anagen phase as result their face frequent hair drop out, although this is not a problem. If you are facing hair due to short period of anagen phase then you don’t need to worry about this. It is normal events for everyone. Even falling out some hair, you still have 80-90% of hair on your scalp.


The reason of shorter period of anagen phase

A number of factors play behind the shorter period of anagen phase. The shorter the anagen phase the more frequent chance of falling hair. Short period of anagen phase is determined by your diet, your lifestyle, mental stress etc.


Woman after childbirth faces shorter period of anagen phase. Many woman alleges that they are experiencing extensive hair fall after giving childbirth. This is common aftershock of pregnancy.


If you are having poor diet then there is a chance of being affected with shorter anagen phase. Consuming less calorie or avoiding meal influences the activity of hair follicles. So the anagen phase cannot be prolong and lose the capability of holding hair.


One of my friend was saying that when he goes through a stress situation, he experience more hair fall. This is another reason of shorter anagen period. If you are in traumatic situation, the hair follicle goes to telogen stage.


Some hair product also responsible for creating disastrous condition in follicles.


Is there any solution to prolong anagen phase

You can prolong your anagen stage by taking proper diet. Healthy food, less stress, being cheerful are the natural way of having longer period of anagen phase.


Although some hair product asserts that, it is effective in stimulating the hair follicles so that anagen phase increases. But it has not scientifically proved whether it benefits or not.


I would advise you to go with natural solution rather any chemical solution. In short period of time it can bring some benefits but long period it will damage the hair follicles.


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