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I have already discussed the ins and outs of hair fall. Hair fall pattern, causes, facts, treatment all these issues have been discussed in detail in previous articles. By reading all the articles, you must have a thorough idea about how hair fall takes place.


However, there are certain things that may be still unclear or vague to you. In this section, I will briefly discuss some issues that may be still confusing to you.


Hair fall problem is a complex one and it is not that easy for the general people to understand. Although I have tried to make as easy as possible. I hope, I am successful in making you knowledgeable for hair loss problem.


Still there something remains to discuss that has to be clear to have fresh idea. This idea is about the hair science and its nature.How a hair is originated, hair shaft, hair follicles etc.


Let us move on to the issues that need to be elaborated for the general understanding regarding hair loss.



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    The reason that is commonly responsible for hair fall for men and woman is androgenic alopecia. Androgenic alopecia maintain some consistent stage of hair fall. At the beginning you will see hairline receding. Within a short time, the hairline take “M” sh

    Androgenic alopecia

    Appearing bald spots on the scalp is very common and normal after certain age. It is not a matter of tension to lose some hair on everyday basis. Everyone loses some hair say it is kids or yo

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    Do you feel scratching on your scalp very often? Particularly when you are busy at work it becomes so irritating, isn’t it? You have tried many times to check on your scalp but find nothing.

    Can Mites Cause Hair Loss in Humans?

    Hair loss is a multi-caused problem that is not be fixable by a common person. Our hair is a result of complex and time-consuming process. This process is involved with different step

    What can a Dermatologist do about Hair Loss?

    DHT is short form of Dihydrotestosterone an important substance for metabolism. It is also main reason for hair loss. DHT is produced in prostate gland, adrenal gland, testes and hair follicles. If you are faci

    What is DHT Hair?

    Aging is a natural process and it cannot be prevented. It is inevitable part of our life. We all have to go through this process. It is better to concede it and accept the facts related with aging process. W

    Signs of Aging Hair
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