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I have already discussed the ins and outs of hair fall. Hair fall pattern, causes, facts, treatment all these issues have been discussed in detail in previous articles. By reading all the articles, you must have a thorough idea about how hair fall takes place.


However, there are certain things that may be still unclear or vague to you. In this section, I will briefly discuss some issues that may be still confusing to you.


Hair fall problem is a complex one and it is not that easy for the general people to understand. Although I have tried to make as easy as possible. I hope, I am successful in making you knowledgeable for hair loss problem.


Still there something remains to discuss that has to be clear to have fresh idea. This idea is about the hair science and its nature.How a hair is originated, hair shaft, hair follicles etc.


Let us move on to the issues that need to be elaborated for the general understanding regarding hair loss.


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