Do Hair Styling Products Cause Hair Loss


We all are very sensitive with our hair. Over attention is always paid to hair and this tendency is equal to both male and female. Even men becomes more conscious with their looks and appearance. Hair is one of the major elements in building a strong personality. So it is very natural for everyone to be alert to their hair. But sometimes this alertness brings opposite result and people have to pay over price for it.

Most of the people are emotionally attach to their hair so if anyone start losing hair then it becomes a great pain for them. Although sometimes over caring leads to hair damage. Here we will seek an answer whether hair styling products hair loss.


Possibility of Hair Loss due to Hair Products


A recent study reveal that the usage of hair styling product has been increased drastically. The market of hair product is much bigger than ever. Among the various products, the demands of hair regrowing products are much more than other categories of products. From this information, you can imagine how much people are concern to maintain a complete hairline. Hair experts say that there is no scientific facts of any products that inhibits the ability of hair follicles to grow hair. Hair fall is mainly caused by genetic facts. Hair product just affects the hair strands not the ability of growing hair. Some hair product, which contains alcohol causes hair dry out and worsen the condition. So hair products mainly responsible for damaging hair not its inner power of growing hair.


Sometimes hair products is not responsible itself rather the frequency of using the product affects the hair loss condition. Some factors that regulates hair fall are hormones, genes, poor diet and mental stress. These are the main roots that triggers hair loss problem and hair product lowers the quality of hair strands.


Stay Alert in Choosing the Hair Product


When you choose any hair product check whether it contains any alcohol or chemical. Among the various cosmetic people often damages hair due to excessive use of hair gel. It weakens the hair strands so it is broken easily. As a result, you lose your hair one after another. It is a very common to think hair fall will lead to baldness. Although it is a misconception that prevail among us for many years. Hair fall always not triggers baldness.

Sometimes it falls and again start to grow after a certain period. Hare caring products just causes the external damages, it is wrong to blame it for any internal damage. When external damages start to cure then hair strands gets its old look back.          


Moreover you have to be careful about hair styling. Some hair styles requires hair pulling, so always try to do such a style that is loos not too tight. Another mistakes that most of us do is not drying the hair properly. Water is one of the most notorious enemy of hair. But don’t dry your hair with dryers or heaters rather dry it with natural air or fan.  

It is recommended to be little cautious about hair caring along with hair caring product. The more touch your hair the more you have chance to damage you hair strands. So be gentle in treating your hair.

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