Common Causes of Hair Loss


There is no one who can say that he or she do not lose any hair. Even the healthiest person who have healthy hair cannot claim this for sure. Because it is part of hair life cycle to lose certain hair every day. Don’t be confused seeing any advertisement in which your favorite model saying that he or she has no hair fall problem using a particular hair care product. Yes, some hair care product can reduce or minimize hair fall problem. But it cannot totally stop hair fall.


Moreover, some people lose hair beyond normal hair fall. Hair fall is a complex problem so it is difficult to identify exact reason. Here I would discuss some common cause hair fall problem.


History of Family


Hair loss is mostly genetic and flows through blood related people. It affects time at which you would be affected by hair loss problem. Even your hair loss extent is also determined by you family history. Some people is affected with hair loss at their puberty age and some is affected at their mid-twenties. If your blood related people were problem of baldness then it is sure that you will experience the same problem once in a life. If this is the case then it becomes difficult to treat hair loss problem. Although expecting hair fall problem will be fixed totally is none but stupidity. In addition, if heredity is the reason then it is almost not possible to fix hair fall problem. However, some techniques can be supportive for hair loss.


Hormonal Changes


Hormone plays gambling in our body. Hormonal game is very complex to understand. Our body goes a continuous change of hormone every moment. Therefore, it is very common incident to be hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance harms a lot too our body. Our hair become the worst victim of hormonal imbalance. Although the effects of hormonal balance remain temporary, but it happens very frequently. Women are the common victim of hair loss. During menopause, pregnancy or after childbirth hormonal imbalance becomes sever. During this time, hair falls substantially. Thyroid glands also affects hair fall.


Patchy Hair Fall


Sometime our hair follicles is attacked with immune system. When it happen, it causes patchy hair loss. Immune system attack damages hair growing ability this is why the effects remains long. Scalp become mostly bald when immune system is the cause.


Infection of Scalp


It is very common to be affected by ringworm; bacteria etc. infection causes skin irritation and damages hair follicles. To treat this type of hair fall the skin need to be treated fast. With skin improvement, hair fall condition will be improved. It is necessary to protect skin at primary stage if any infection takes place.




Some disease causes hair fall as side effects, heart diseases, arthritis, cancer, lupus, depression cause hair fall. Some medication for treating these diseases are also causes hair fall. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are two treatment of cancer, which causes hair fall.


Mental stress, over use of hair care product, hair styles, poor diet, anemia, vitamin A and B deficiency, weight loss, aging, taking anabolic steroids are also can blamed for hair fall problem. So hair fall is multi caused disease. Sometimes it is very difficult to identify the right reasons for hair fall. Common cause is not always responsible for hair loss. Some unconventional causes are also happen that are responsible for hair fall. Sudden mental and physical shock causes hair fall. Recently people are becoming more dependent on hair care product and devices. Device caused hair fall has been serious issue because people are using this unscrupulously. Hair straightener, iron, blow-dryer are used for caring hair but due to over use of these devices these are actually hurting hair follicles and causing hair fall.

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