Causes of Alopecia Universalis


Have you ever seen any person without any hair on their body? You may have seen. This type of person are having a disease called alopecia universalis. It is a form of alopecia. When this disease is seen to anybody then he or she loses entire body hair from his body. This is unlike other type of alopecia.


The patient loses hair of his eyebrows, eyelashes, scalp and body hair. He also loses hair from pubic area. During this disease, he feels patient faces itching and irritation in his body and scalp.  




The symptoms vary from person to person. But most of the time the symptoms are expressed through eyebrows and eyelashes and scalp hair. It is exposed by shedding hair from scalp. This hair shedding causes burning on the scalp. Although these are very common symptoms but some people have some other condition such as nail changes, atopic dermatitis, and thyroid disorder.


Causes of Alopecia Universalis


The reason of alopecia universalis is still a suspicious incident. It is yet to known what causes alopecia universalis. But there is widely known hypothesis is that it is a result autoimmune condition. Immune system attacks hair follicles mistakenly. Immune related genes causes alopecia universalis. It is mainly caused by various genetic and environmental factors.


So if anyone who have genetical factors to have alopecia universalis might not be affected with alopecia universalis until the condition of it is not accompanied with environmental factors. But the exact environmental factors are yet to determine.


But some potential factors that helps to deteriorate the conditions are emotional and physical stress, hormonal imbalance, trauma, infection. The genetical factors attacks the cells of follicles. This attack is caused by autoimmune disorder. Autoimmune disorder attacks follicles as for defending purpose. But the reaction is negative and it cause hair loss.


But this auto immune disorder is not attack hair follicle of all people. Some people have autoimmune disorder but other has not. Family members may convey this order but none may have alopecia universalis. So this condition is unpredictable to some extent.


Result of Alopecia Universalis


As the cause of alopecia universalis is unpredictable so the treatments of is not effective yet. So the autoimmune disorder should be treated first. The patient lose entire body hair including their eyelashes and eyebrows.


So the normal look or appearance is damaged. This causes lack of confidence inferiority complex. So they become ostracized and stay aloof. As result, they do not take part in any social program. Society also reacts negatively to this person. Al these conditions make a horrible environment for them. So these situation sometimes leads them to be attack by mental disorder.


So the family and friends of the patient should behave generously with him. They should support the patient so that he can accept the problem and live a normal life. If they do not get any help from the other people then it may cause negative result. In this regard, the patient need to build a strong mentality to face the situation.


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