Causes of Alopecia

Falling some hair and growing new hair at that place is a common activity that takes place in our body every day. It is not surprising matter that you lose some hair in every day basis. Doctors have demarcated the range of normal hair falling. The range varies with people to people. Naturally, 50 to 100 hairs fall every day. But most of the people don’t know this range so they become worried and further intensify their hair fall problem.    


But if you have hair fall beyond this range along with bald patches then it needs some attention to think. This is a disorder and it is called alopecia areata.


Causes of alopecia areata

Alopecia areata occurs if your immune system attacks your body. So your hair falls out before time and it happens frequently. Some people lose hair in particular area and some lose hair sporadically. Sometimes people lose all hair from entire head even rest of the body. In some case, people lose hair and get it back but within few months, they lose it again. If you want to know the exact reasons or causes of hair fall then I would say that there is no exact reason of alopecia areata. But dermatologist has identified some facts that can be potential reason of alopecia areata.

  • Family background
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Medications
  • Other causes


Family background

It is very common fact that can be easily identified as possible cause of hair fall. If you are from such a family where your family members, grandparents, or relative have alopecia then the chances of being affected are very high. If your hair fall is cause by this reason then it can be predict that your hairline will be receding or thinning over the time. Heredity also influences your frequency of hair loss and the degree of bald patches. Doctors call this pattern baldness, as it is predictable.


Hormonal imbalance

The hormonal imbalance can be caused for various reasons. Such as

  • Hormonal changing tendency
  • Scalp infections
  • Skin abnormalities
  • Hair pulling disorder


Hormonal changes cause temporary hair loss. Particularly women face this type of hair loss while they are going through pregnancy or menopause. You may also experience temporary hair lose if you are infected with germs such as ringworm but don’t worry, it is curable. But be careful, some infections like lichen planus, lupus and sarcoidosis. They cause permanent hair loss. Moreover, some people have hair-pulling disorder so they feel inner urge to pull their hair.



If you use any medication or therapy then try to be clear about the potential reaction of it. Especially some medicines of cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, blood pressure and birth controlling pills because extensive hair falls.

Besides excessive use hair products and treatments also affects the hair fall tendency. Some woman applies hot oil on the scalp, which triggers inflammation of follicles. Shock or unexpected incident also triggers hair fall but it is temporary in nature.


What causes Alopecia in Men?



Hair loss is more exposed to men than women. This tendency is seen since ancient time. So it seems natural to have more hair fall problem in men. Other reasons also may be there like whimsical lifestyle, busy life, stress, external environmental exposition, male hormone etc. hormonal changes causes more damage to hair. With age, hormonal imbalance is normal. So hair loss is not surprising phenomenon for men.


Hair loss to men is known as male pattern hair loss behind which male hormone is mostly responsible. But some misconception also responsible for losing hair. Hair loss in men is normally known as androgenic alopecia. Although androgenic alopecia happens to both and woman.


What causes Hair Loss?


According to hair experts 85% men will lose their hair by the age of 50. This hair loss begins at age of 21. If you become little conscious with your hair then some hair can be safe. This stagey will prolong the hair loss process. So it is necessary to know the reasons of hair loss.




Male pattern baldness is mainly caused for genes. Children inherits it from parents. How it passes to other is not known exactly. It is seen that one sibling loses all his hair but another has full hairline. So it is not a matter of surprise to have this genes but not to lose any hair.




Hormones plays a significant role in quickening hair loss process. DHT hormone is the main culprit for making happen hair loss in men. This hormones causes baldness with enzyme names alpha reductase. DHT causes hair follicles to shrink as a result hair becomes finer and tend to fall. At the same time hair stops to grow. It creates bald patches in different parts of the scalp since DHT is exposed in different part of the scalp.




As men remain out of home most of the time, so their hair remains exposed to external environment very much. Work pressure also causes further damage of hair. Work pressure causes sleeping disorder and influence appetite level, which contributes in raising stress hormone. Although this type of hair loss is temporary but it goes with some hair loss. Stress causes hair follicles to become anxious and shrink which leads to stop hair.




Diet has become one of the major cause of male pattern hair loss. Due to busy life, we have become indifferent to our food habit. Most of the people just eat to satisfy their hunger. But don’t eat to satisfy their nutritional need. So they remain in dark about what their body is lacking from. It is seen that they eat only junk foods, which lacks lot of necessary nutrients for keeping healthy hair. When you do not ensure a balance diet to your body, your nerve system become panicked. Which leads to hair shedding.


How to Prevent these Causes


There are many options to treat male pattern hair loss. Most of the doctors prescribe Minoxidil and finasteride to prevent hair shedding. Minoxidil is effective for stopping hair loss and baldness. It stimulates hair follicles and promote to regrow hair. But there is a problem that hair starts to fall again if you stop applying it. Finasteride is also very effective in controlling hair loss. But it is suitable for women who are pregnant. Corticosteroid is another medicine to improve hair loss condition. But it may not work for all men. Sometimes doctors apply a treatment of hair loss by provoking allergic reaction to scalp. It will causes blood circulation on the scalp and reduce hair loss.


Causes of hair loss differs from person to person so the treatment will vary with these patterns. Men needs to be little conscious to save their hair. As hair center of attractive personality so being aware of causes of alopecia is obvious.


What causes Alopecia in a Child?


Hair loss is not only a problem for adult but also for children. Although hair loss among children is not common but when it happens, it takes short period of time and sometime long period. To recover whole hair of the scalp takes time. But 40% of this children are not so lucky like other. So for them this problem is a quite depressing. Another important thing you have to remember that hair loss in children does not happen due to nutritional deficiencies but for cold weather, hat, headbands, lack of blood circulation etc.


We will discuss what causes hair loses in children.


Causes of Hair Loss in Children


There are many reasons and factors involved in children hair loss. This reason also varies with child to child. The reasons are-

  • Tinea capitis
  • Alopecia areata
  • Telogen effluvium


Tinea Capitis


It is type of skin infection and known as ringworm, which attacks skin of scalp. It also affects eyebrows, eyelashes, hair shafts and hair follicles etc. when it happens in children it causes patchy hair loss with broken hair. These patches take round or oval shape. Normally hair break down and scalp looks like dot sporadically.


If doctor suspect that the baby is having tinea capitits a thorough examination might be required. Primarily the appearance might be enough to identify whether it tinea capitis. Sometime wood lamp test I done to find fungal infection. This test is done with an ultraviolet light in dark room.


Doctors often treat this condition with griseofulvin which given with mouth. Scalp needs to be washed with shampoo named nizoral shampoo.


Alopecia Areata


It is a patchy hair loss condition, which looks like round or oval. In some patches there is no sign of any inflammation, scaling etc. alopecia areata is a condition that is caused by attacks of immune system to hair follicles. Some children have pitting or ridging in their nails. When this is the reason of hair loss then appropriate treatment causes hair back within a few months. Sometimes alopecia areata turns into alopecia totalis then the patient loses all hair of the scalp.


Sometimes the affected area feels irritation. Hair pull test is very effective in diagnosing alopecia areata. If hair is easily removed by pulling, it implies that further hair loss is obvious. There is no proved treatment of alopecia areata.




Trauma is common reason of hair loss among children. Most of the children becomes frightened over a simple incident, which traumatize them very badly. This trauma leads to hair loss. Another condition hair loss is trichotillomania in which patient pluck his own hair.


Telogen Effluvium


It is very common reason of hair loss for not children but also for people of al age. To understand this you have to understand the three stages of hair loss. In Telogen effluvium most of the hair goes to the dormant stage when hair follicles become inactive. When children becomes anxious then their hair follicles stops hair growing and becomes shrink.


Although this is very common to have Telogen effluvium for all but children faces this condition most. So it is required to keep children happy and cheerful so that the nerve system stay normal.


If any other condition is happened to children, it is parent’s duty to consult a doctor immediately so that they can treat it at the primary stage and it can be prevented properly.


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