Cancer and Hair Loss


Hair growing and hair falling is continuous and cyclical process. It is certain that you will lose some hair in everyday basis. It is also true some external factors influence hair loss process. Some medication and disease causes hair loss as side effects. Cancer is one of the diseases, which happens hair loss in many ways. In some cases, hair loss take place sporadically or partially and in some cases, the patient lose all hair of scalp.   


Chemotherapy leads hair loss and creates various effects. Radiotherapy is also responsible for hair loss. But it causes hair loss in that area where it is applied.


Why Hair Falls out During Chemotherapy


Chemotherapy is an effective and very powerful treatment that prevents growing cancer cells. It also affects those cells, which are growing quickly. Hair cells are also include these cells. So when you take chemotherapy then you it makes your hair fall out. It not only affects your hair but also the other part of your body including eyelashes, eyebrows, armpit hair. Some medication related with chemotherapy causes different level of hair loss. But it is seen that the effect of chemotherapy is temporary and hair start to regrow within 6 months.      


Ways to Cope-up with Hair Loss


Hair loss is obvious to some extent if you are a cancer patient. Some strategy in advance can help to cope up with hair loss.


Cut Your Hair Short 


If you are planning to have chemotherapy then you can cut hair shirt before it. If this is done then it will not be surprising for you to lose hair after chemotherapy. Another benefit of it is that it will not make you depressed.


Cold Caps


A cold cap is a device that helps to decrease blood flow on the scalp so the influence of chemotherapy medication remains minimum. This condition minimizes the effects of the medication and the degree of hair loss. It is taken before chemotherapy for 10-15 minutes.


Make up, Eyebrows


Chemotherapy not only affects your hair on the scalp but also affects your eyelashes, eyebrows etc. it is really a depressing when you see your eyebrows are disappeared or your eyes are bared without eyelashes. But some technique of makeup can be a solution for this problem. Besides eyebrow pencils, eyeliner, fake eyelashes are some alternative for improving you looks.




It is an easy solution for hair loss due to cancer. When you lose hair substantially after chemotherapy you can use wigs to cover up your scalp. Wigs are normally two types, one is made with synthetic elements and the other is made with real hair. Hair fringe and hairpieces are also good alternative to hide hair loss.    


All these are option during chemotherapy but you have to be alert after the chemotherapy. Because action will quicken and ensure growing you hair back. For this, you have to be gentle with your scalp and do not do anything that affects the hair follicles.


Do not apply any hair product expecting it will grow you hair back rapidly. Rather it may cause opposite reaction to hair. During this time, being patient is the only option to get healthy hair. It may take some time but it is sure that you will get your hair back very soon.


The effects may stay for few months but it will not be right to be anxious thinking you have lost all your hair forever. Hair growing process is normally a slow process  at the same time you have to consider that you are recovering from major life risking disease so it be patient and wait for best. I think you will get you hair back very soon.   


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