Can Trauma Cause Hair Loss?


Trauma is such an issue that is involved in everything about health. At the same time hair is such an organ that is affected by almost every other health issues. So, definitely there is a connection between hair loss and trauma. Trauma causes malfunction of the whole body. Our whole body system including hair growing process and all the organs involved in growing hair is highly sensitive. So if any adverse changes or effect occurs first of all it influence our hair growing pattern.


When you feel any mental pressure, it stops or slows hair-growing process. During stressed situation hair follicles goes to dormant phase and this dormant phase prolongs. For example a car accident or crash will must traumatized your mental condition, which obviously lead to hair loss. Now we will find the relation between hair loss and trauma.


Hair Loss and Trauma


When your brain becomes anxious the blood circulation system becomes disturbed which leads to lack of nutrients to hair follicles. Trauma is not permanent so the effect of it will not be permanent. But it will take time to be normal. If you face any heavy shock or mental stress then you hair fall may last up to 3. This period is very crucial so you have to take care your hair properly.


Our hair grows through three stages. These three stages helps to grow hair normally. But due to mental condition the duration and condition of these three stages may be disturbed. In the first stage, which is called anagen stage hair grows. This stage last for three to seven years for each hair shaft. The next stage is Catagen; during this stage hair growing stops and hair follicles becomes shrink. In the last and final stage named Telogen, hair falls and new hair starts to grow. Telogen stage last for 100 days.


But trauma mess all these stages. At the time of trauma anagen phase becomes shorter. So normal hair growth stage is hindered. On the other side Catagen and Telogen phase becomes longer for some hair shaft. So hair shedding becomes more than normal.


Not any particular accident create trauma but some surgery or medication also may cause trauma. So whatever the reason or form of trauma it will cause hair loss somehow. To control hair loss you have to control you mental stress and trauma. Although no one can say when an accident will take place? But you have to be aware about how to control ad minimize shock.


When you are shocked or traumatized, you becomes oblivious and dive to worry. Heartbeat goes up and body spends more energy on handling stress.


In our daily life, we often have some kind of trauma but we are not aware of it. There are some symptom of having trauma or mental pressure. If you have some of them then it is sure that you are having mental pressure. For example if you have fatigue, headache, stomachache or ill digestion then it is sure that you are having mental pressure. Serious trauma causes chronic hair loss.  


So when you have all these symptoms try to mitigate this problems. To reduce stress level go for walk. Spend some time with your friends. Do meditation, which will cause a good blood circulation. Try to fix the problem as soon as possible. Talk with your family, take vacation for few days. Go to gym and do some workout, it will release your stress.


Hair loss and trauma is seriously related to each other. So if you have a sudden chronic hair loss then then try to know whether this problem is occurring due to trauma. If it is then immediately, take action to minimize this problem.


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