Can Seborrhea Cause Hair Loss?


Skin disease causes rash on scalp. Due to its nature, it creates white scales, which is similar as dandruff. It is not only affects the scalp but also near parts of the face. Sometimes it is seen near nose and ear, eyebrow, forhead and eyelid.


Seborrhea or seborrhea dermatitis may occur to anyone including men, woman and children. Although the condition seems similar to dandruff but it is not. When this condition appears, hair falls out. Because the condition is unfavorable for hair growth. Seborrhea causes to feel itching the scalp and pulling hair. If it is not treated properly then it may turn to extreme hair loss.


Why Seborrhea is Occurred?


It is still not clear why seborrhea occurs on the scalp. But a yeast called malassezia might be behind this problem. When this yeast attacks skin the immune system of seborrhea eczema becomes sensitive. It may trigger some other problems like stress, inflammation, tiredness. Seborrhea mainly takes place from lack of nutrition and unhygienic environment. As there is no cure of it, cautious steps should be taken to prevent the condition.


How to Prevent Malassezia


As it is already mentioned that malassezia triggers seborrhea condition so it should be prevented to treat it. The yeast attack the hair follicles, when the effect of it is minimized the hair follicles starts hair growing again.

Pyrithione zinc is one of the most effective medicine that fights against malassezia. Regular use of Shampoos that contains Pyrithione zinc destroys malassezia from skin and helps to restore hair growth. It improves health of hair

Ketoconazole is another anti-fungal agent to treat seborrhea. It prevents premature balding and helps to regrow hair.


If you want to treat this condition naturally then you apply raw honey on your scalp. It has been used to treat anti-fungal infection for long time. It stimulates hair follicles and regrows hair. Some fatty acids also useful to treat malassezia. Caprylic acid is one of them that is used in many skin care treatment. Although there is no proof that it promotes hair loss, rather it improves seborrhea condition so you can get your hair back.           

Besides these trusted methods of treating malassezia, there are some home remedy that prevents this disease. Apple cider vinegar, baking, sea salt and coconut oil treatment are good source to fight the yeast.


Some of these medicines just prevents the malassezia but cannot improve hair growth. To stimulate hair growth blood circulation is necessary. L-arginine is an amino acid that increases blood flow and cure damaged tissue. If you want to improve hair growth without using any medicine then massaging scalp serves a lot. But you have to check that whether you are taking right amount of nutrition or not. If your nutrition is not enough to maintain your physical needs then whatever treatment you take will not get proper benefit. Some food supplement can complete gap of necessary nutrients.

So it can be said that Seborrhea causes hair fall and exact reason is not clear yet so it is advised to be cautious about the Seborrhea attacking facts.


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