Can Mites Cause Hair Loss in Humans?


Do you feel scratching on your scalp very often? Particularly when you are busy at work it becomes so irritating, isn’t it? You have tried many times to check on your scalp but find nothing. Sometimes it becomes serious that it feels to pull all hair. But still it disturbs you and don’t know what to do. Most probably you have been attacked by mites or bugs. Look this very common to 98% people to have mites on their scalp. But it does not causes any sever problem to most of the people. But sometimes it becomes serious issue for some people. It also leads some serious hair related issues.     


What is Mites?


Mites are parasites which live on scalp of human. They mostly live on fluids, oils, hormones produced from scalp. You cannot believe that a tinny hair follicle can support almost 25 mites to feed on. It not only scratches but also responsible for hair loss, dermatosis, acne, rosacea etc. it creates vulnerable condition for cancer and HIV aids patient by creating possible noxious effects.


Can Mites Cause Hair Fall


When you are affected with mites on your scalp, it cause serious scratching. Continuous scratching makes hair follicles vulnerable for holding hair shaft on scalp. When you frequently pull you hair and scratches, you scalp, it becomes weak and indirectly it is responsible for hair loss. Mites infection related with degradation of skin and poor hair quality of hair shaft. This condition leads to broken hair.


What type of Mites Creates Vulnerability?


Although there many type of mites are known responsible for scalp infection but most of the time two main type of species creates vulnerability, these are demodex and folliculorum. Demodex is found on hair scalp and lives on sebaceous glands. Besides there are some other type of mites causes scalp irritation such as demodex canis, sarcoptes scabies, bird mites etc. these mites are too small that you cannot see them with bare eyes. Even some of them are transparent so that it becomes difficult to identify them. They eat oils, hormones and skin cells. When people goes to sleep, they come out of the follicles. Then they laid eggs


Symptoms of Having Mites


There is no potential symptoms of having mites. But mites cause bites on scalp, at the same time it feels skin irritation, itching, inflammation and various skin disorders. It creates rashes and skin become sensitive. It looks red. Sometimes it shows some signs of allergy. When mires problems become sever then skin looks crust. It more often occurs with adult people.


Remedies of Mites to Prevent Hair Loss


Normally mites live inside hair follicles; it implies that it more difficult to. It takes time treat mites from root. For removing hair mites from scalp applying clove oil, tea tree oil, flowers of sulphur are very effective. Exposing scalp to sunlight and having perfect sleep are also beneficial for eliminating mites.


If these treatments are not well, enough then consult with an expert. He can advise you some preventive measures effective for relieving you from mites and mites cause hair fall problems. It not only affects hair on you scalp but also hair in armpit, eyelashes and other parts of your body. As it is invisible with bare eyes that is why some advance, treatment might be needed. Skin, follicle and hair shaft taste might be needed. Various topical treatment can effectively remove mites infection and protects hair. Topical insecticide or antibiotics, oral medication also work very well in this regard.


The mites will not be removed completely but if the number of mites is reduced significantly then it is no longer a problem. However, you have to maintain proper hygiene to protect you scalp and prevent from further attack of mites. Change all your bed sheet, pillows and old clothes to prevent further mites infection. Do not be close such a person who is affected with bugs or mites. If this are maintained properly then you can stay protected from mites and reduces mite caused hair loss problem.


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