Can Lack of Calcium Cause Hair Loss?


Among the many minerals and vitamins, our body needs calcium mostly in huge amount. When our body is in increasing phase calcium becomes the most essential nutrients for keeping this phase smooth. Body parts that increase frequently such as bones, nails, hair and teeth need calcium. Any vicissitudes for calcium may cause serious health issues and it firstly affects your hair follicles. Therefore, deficiency of calcium causes hair fall.


Importance of calcium in hair fall


Calcium is mostly found in bones, teeth and hair. The role of calcium in hair is. It maintains communication between cells. This communication promotes hair growth and keeps your hair follicles healthy. Calcium also helps to improve heart and nerve system. Nerve system indirectly regulates hair fall system. Thus calcium indirectly also promotes hair growth.  


When it may lack?


Lack of calcium is mainly occur during puberty and menopause. At the same time, it becomes imbalanced during pregnancy. During this time, the body goes through vital changes. Therefore, at this time most of the woman faces lack of calcium, which leads to extreme hair loss.


Daily requirements of calcium


Doctors recommend 1000 mg calcium for people of 19-50 years old. For over 50 years this dosage increase to 1200 mg. but you have to consider that only calcium cannot help to improve hair fall condition. Some foods prevent calcium absorption. Some nutrients such as boron, phosphorous, magnesium and vitamin boosts calcium absorption. People who are suffering from candida should not take brewer’s yeast as sources of calcium. Caffeine, chocolate and rhubarb prevents calcium from being absorbed into the body.


Foods that contain calcium


Dairy foods are the right source of calcium. Doctors suggest taking raw milk as it contains huge amount of calcium although some people cannot consume raw milk. So they should go for non-dairy foods. such as  spinach, clams, salmon, bone meal,  tuna, turnip tops, broccoli, hazelnuts, cabbage, citrus fruits, collard, dandelion greens, okra,  celery, lima beans, almonds,  eggs, rye, soybeans, peanuts, dried prunes, watercress,  legumes, dried figs,  kale,  cauliflower, dried figs, molasses, collard,  kale,  lentils,  beet greens and limes.


Other benefits of calcium that helps to grow hair


I have already said that there are some health issues that is triggered by lack of calcium. This health problem harms healthy hair growth. That is why these diseases should be fixed first to solve hair fall. Calcium prevents stroke and heart problems. The most effective function of it is removing blood clotting. So blood circulation increases which is prerequisite for healthy hair growth. Calcium also remove chronic constipation. Constipation also causes extreme hair fall. Besides it makes strong muscles, cure arthritis, and muscle stiffness as well. 


Calcium deficiency directly and indirectly creates various complexities that damages and hinders healthy hair growth. Most of the time woman are the victim of lack of calcium as their have to go through complex hormonal changes and deficiency of nutrients. So all should carefully monitor whether they getting the amount of calcium they need otherwise they must seek help from their doctors.       


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