Can HRT Help with Hair Loss?


HRT or hormone e replacement therapy is option for filling hormonal deficiency from the external sources. This therapy helps to reduce further deterioration of symptoms related with particular hormone. Woman who loses lots of hormone during their menopause and pregnancy goes through extreme hair loss. Then it becomes essential for them to insert hormone external source.




Hormone replacement therapy is normally associated with replacing female hormone particularly estrogen and progestin from external cream, pills. Most of the time this treatment is offered to those woman who are alleging some symptoms like sleeping disorder, sweating at night, loss of libido moodiness and hair loss. Hair growth is related with fluctuation of estrogen level. It becomes more sensitive during pregnancy and menopause. When estrogen level is high, it sends signal to the hair follicles to grow more hair. But when the estrogen level drops down then it provoke hair loss. During pregnancy the estrogen level remain in optimal level that’s why at this time they have full hair line. But after pregnancy they start losing hair. Because lower levels of estrogen triggers to go most of the hair follicles in the resting phase. Then hormone replacement therapy is an option to regain hair lost hair. It raises estrogen level in the body and consequently slows hair fall.  

After menopause woman who experience huge amount of hair fall are advised to take estrogen and progesterone topically or orally. But it is hardly advised prescribed for hair loss. It is recommended to take if some other symptoms are seen.


Diagnose for HRT Treatment


Whether you are appropriate for HRT needs some diagnosing steps like blood test to check hormone levels. Whether you have blood pressure, high cholesterol or obesity requires to be checked for determining the degree of HRT you are suitable with. But some woman who are cancer patient are not eligible for HRT treatment.


Misconception with hair loss and HRT


Among many people, it is concern whether hormone replacement therapy is safe or not. For those people I would say, a very small amount of hormone is provided to help internal system produce hormone very you will see less symptoms related with hormonal imbalance. So your hair loss problem will be improved. On the side, you will be treated with HRT therapy under the supervision of expert so you don’t need to take any further hassle related with HRT.

Many people become anxious thinking whether it will reduce their sex drive, trigger risk of cancer, heart disease, and influence fertility etc. you have to think simply that you will be given a particular hormone that is responsible for hair loss. So there is very less chance that can affect other internal process and function.    

There are some side effects of HRT including headaches, bloating, sore breast, irritability, vaginal bleeding, nausea etc. If any prehistory of breast cancer, heart disease in your family then there is a chance of inflicting in you.

Hope, you understand that there is way to treat hair loss caused by hormonal imbalance with hormone replacement therapy. But there is also some potential effects that can cause other serious health problems if not identified the right cause hormonal deficiency.

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