Can Hairspray Damage Your Hair?


Are you trying to keep your hair such a way but you fail every times. But your hair cannot hold its position as you want. Is it? You may require a hairspray that can help to hold hair position. But hairspray is a cause that harms your hair if it is not used carefully. Hairspray contains alcohol and polymer that are normally used in paint. These elements are chemically modified so they become soft and quick drying. Although these elements are used in mild amount. But some hairspray causes substantial hair damages.


Elements in the Hairspray


Which hairspray we use generally contains polymer and solvents sometimes few propellants polymers create glue like effects in the hair on the other side solvents distribute the elements uniformly. Polymer contains PVP, gum Arabic, vegetable gums and solvent contains alcohol and hydrocarbons. Some other elements are included such as propylene glycol, propane, isobutene etc.

Certain hairspray may be problematic as they create white flakes look like dandruff. But don’t be panicked, this is not dandruff, if it happens with you, change the brand you use. Normally hairspray creates a coat on your hair, frequent using sometimes makes hair strands dull, and over the course of time, it loses natural shiny.

Some people, who have allergy, accuse to experience scalp irritation. If you notice any symptom then stop using it and keep your hair cleaned washing frequently. Some hairspray makes hair very stiff and it creates tangle.   


Other Health Issues Triggered by Hairspray


The gases that are used in hair spray are flammable if this gas is inhaled anyhow then it may cause death. Some hairspray cause poison that leads to coma. Besides, it is responsible for lung problem, allergy, rashes, redness, itchiness and even cancer.


Cautious Steps While Using Hairspray


If you really want to use hairspray then you must use spray shield to protect your skin, eyes and mouth. When you use hairspray, ensure that you are near a window so that you do not risk of inhaling. People who have oily hair should not use spray, as it will make hair oilier. Do not use if you are child or pregnant and must wash off your hands after using hairspray.   


How to Use Hairspray Properly


When you use spray, keep the spray 12 inches away from your hair. Keep spraying evenly and don’t overspray on any particular part of hair. You should read instructions written on the spray level and act accordingly. A good hairspray will never make your hair sticky so if you find any spray that keeps your hair oily then change it.

When you buy hairspray, consider what you want from the spray. There are various category of spray that server various purpose. For example low hold spray just hold the hair straight. Medium hold spray helps to do structured hairstyle. Moreover, strong hold hairstyle helps to hold hair for long time.  


So when you consider to decorate your hair with different style using spray you need to be considerable in choosing the right brand of spray. In addition, be alert in using too much of it at the same time stay alert if you experience any unusual health issue, please consult a physician.

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