Can Folliculitis Make Your Hair Fall Out?


When hair follicles go through severe irritation and hinders normal hair growth is called scalp folliculitis. This condition may occur to both of male and female. Each hair grows from follicles. There is a bulb in the follicles. Folliculitis occur when this bulb becomes inflamed because of dry skin and other skin related factors.


Symptoms of folliculitis


The common symptoms of hair folliculitis is red pimple. In the affected area, that hinders hair growing. it can be identified as folliculitis  if the redness is appeared on the arms, legs, neck area.


Types of Hair Folliculitis


  • Parasitic Folliculitis;
  • Viral Folliculitis;
  • Fungal Folliculitis and
  • Bacterial Folliculitis


Bacterial folliculitis occur when bacteria enters into the skin through and it starts to multiply near follicles. These bacteria often spreads to the other parts of the body. When it is deep, it is involved with not only follicles but also the skin. Fungal folliculitis is caused by fungal infection fungal infection. It normally affects the surface of the skin but when it is sever, it may harm inner parts of the body. Besides candida, folliculitis is caused by fungi a common species of candida. Virus named herpes zoster causes viral folliculitis.  


Causes of Hair Folliculitis


Folliculitis is caused due to yeast, fungus, bacteria, scratching due to tight cloth, damaged hair follicles, and skin blockage due sweat, oil and cosmetic. In the beginning hair follicles holds the fiber but as irritation increases with time, the hair follicles loses its ability to maintain normal hair growth. Sometimes folliculitis causes this irritation so extreme that the hair follicles becomes totally damaged. Thus, the follicles completely loses hair-producing capability. Light folliculitis does not causes hair follicles permanently but long-term folliculitis worsen the condition. Inflammation causes scarring of the follicles. Scarring stops hair growth in the affected area. Folliculitis is so irritating but it can be cure with instant treatment.


Treatment of Hair Folliculitis


Normally it is cured with the time. But it may be very irritating due to itching. In this case, you use white vinegar made warm compress. It can give you some relieve. At the same time shampoo as medication can be used. Apart from this, you can do following things to control spreading the infection.


  • Antiseptic soap can reduce further infection.
  • Apply antibiotic or antiseptic lotion to the affected area.
  • Using drugs like cortisone cream after bath.
  • Spread some medicated powder on the area affected.
  • Mix few drops of chlorine in water to bath. Moreover, don’t share your staffs with others.


Here are some effective ways of treating hair loss.


As it is difficult to identify hair folliculitis so it is good to go to a doctor to diagnose the folliculitis. Topical hair loss foam is widely used in treating hair follicutis. Besides some medication such as finasteride is very effective to cure it. Along with these, some other types of hair treatment like laser treatment, hydrocortisone, and vinegar compress Are also very fruitful ways to treat hair follicutis.

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