Can Estrogen Cause Hair Loss?


Hormone caused hair loss is mostly seen among woman. Particularly female hormones expedites hair loss. Most of the time a common hormone is found, which is responsible for hair loss. Estrogen; a group of female sex hormones which regulates many internal biological activity including menopause, pregnancy etc. although it is a female hormone, men also have this hormone in their body.


This hormone regulates female behavior. Besides it has multiple function to bring feminine characteristics in female such as controlling height, reducing muscle, shaping breast, regulating menopause, keeping positive attitude etc. but when the hormone becomes imbalance it affects the ‘barometer of health’ hair.


How Estrogen is Connected with Hair Fall


Estrogen expands hair growth cycle as a result woman have abundant of hair in their head. But reduced estrogen leads to hair fall. During menopause woman face extreme hair fall. Because during this time they loses many hormones. So the lower level of estrogen causes hair fall.


Another relation is found between estrogen and hair fall for those women who are being treated for cancer or woman whose ovaries are impaired. As the ovaries are the major producer of estrogen, when it is destroyed, the production of estrogen also become lowered. This condition triggers hair fall. Besides others, symptoms are also revealed including skin thinning, hot flashes etc.


Fixing Estrogen Deficiency


If you are having unusual hair loss and you doctor becomes sure that low estrogen level is causing hair loss then you may be prescribed multiple options of treatment. One of the popular solution of lower estrogen level is hormone replacement therapy. This therapy replaces estrogen in the body through supplement. It is taken topically by applying on skin and orally. Sometimes doctors advise to take birth control pill to raise estrogen level in the body.


Although some controversial claims are available, some woman asserts that they have seen a remarkable improvement in their hair loss problem when the estrogen level is raised.


Some natural ways to boost estrogen level in the body help to avoid the negative effects of medication. Some foods that boost estrogen production includes fruits, vegetables, nuts seeds, grains, legumes, soy products. But it is being advised that during pregnancy you should avoid soy products as it negatively affects child development.

At the same time, you have to stay stress free, as much as possible to prevent estrogen level reduction. Another important thing is, if you smoke frequently then quit it now to keep balance of estrogen level in the body.       

But it is also matter of important that you have to know the healthy estrogen level. And this level varies with different stage of life. On the other side this level also vary from people to people. During menopause, pregnancy or post-menopausal time the optimal level of estrogen fluctuates.

Estrogen level not only drops among woman but also among in men. Among men, the estrogen level raises as the age increases when male hormone drops down.


Hair loss and estrogen are connected in many ways so it is being advised if you are affected with imbalance estrogen level then fix it to bring to optimum level.   


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