Can Dry Scalp Lead to Hair Loss?


Dry scalp is nothing but another hair issues that triggers some other serious hair issues like itching, skin irritation, scratching etc. This condition leads to skin rashes so the hair follicles becomes damaged. There are number of reasons that are responsible for hair loss. But dry skin directly not involve with hair loss. It is a precondition of hair loss. Due to dry skin, some white flakes are seen on the scalp, which is known as dandruff. When dandruff is found on the scalp, the condition becomes even worse than ever.


Causes of Dry Skin


Some medical condition such as fungus, psoriasis, eczema, excess use of hair care, adverse weather, poor diet, lack of water in the body, mental stress are blamed for dry skin. Once the skin becomes dry, it cannot get necessary nutrition to maintain healthy hair growing. As a result, the hair become shorter, finer and brittle.


How Dry Scalp Causes Hair Loss


As you already know that dry scalp is caused by various factors so there are many ways that dry scalp makes hair loss happen. When the scalp remain healthy hair is protected with sebum a natural oil. This oil keeps your hair and scalp hydrated but some overdose of hair care harms the production of sebum so hair loses natural protector. Dry skin instigates skin irritation so hair become damaged. Dry scalp is a precondition of growing ringworm. If it is the reason, you should be alert to cure this skin problem. Most deadly things happen when dandruff is produced on the scalp. It blocks the follicles and causes extreme hair falls. Suddenly most of the hair may fall out and you cannot even identify the reason.


Treatments of Dry Scalp Caused Hair Loss


As hair loss is triggered due to dry scalp so it has to be fixed first. Here are some treatment options are given.


Applying Mild Shampoo


Mild shampoo does not impair the production of natural oil. So your hair do not lack sebum. But be careful in using any kind of shampoo too often. Instead, you can apply shampoo to the hair not on the scalp.


Stay Hydrated


To stay hydrated drink plenty of water throughout the day. It will keep your skin fresh and ensures the electrolytes are functioning properly. Consequently, your scalp remain hydrated. To supply abundant amount of water, drink at least 8 glass of water.


Don’t Wash Your Hair too often


Most of the people think that keeping hair clean is favorable for healthy hair so they wash their hair too frequently. It is a big mistake that often people make, too much washouts removes the oil from hair so you hair become weak.


Diagnose if There Any Disease


Some disease causes dry scalp as a symptom. So consult your doctor if you find sudden dryness on the scalp. Take immediate steps to treat the underlying reason of dry skin.


Use Hair Care Device Consciously


Hair care device such as hair heater, iron, curler, straightener need to be used carefully. Particularly keep distance from your scalp while you use hair heater and blower.


Sometimes it is difficult to identify the real facts of dry scalp so it becomes difficult to treat hair loss. So you seek an expert help to treat hair loss.                    

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