Birth Control Pills and Hair Loss


Birth control pill is a popular method of controlling unwanted birth. It was first introduced in 1960 but within a few years, it has been wide used across the globe. But don’t be overwhelm considering its popularity as there are a number of side effects of it. Among these side effects hair loss is one of the most common of them. Many woman alleges that they are having extreme hair loss having birth control pill.


It is seen that almost every medicine has some potential effect on hair and birth control pill has more chances to causes hair loss.


Hair shedding

Birth control pill causes hair in two ways. Sometimes hair loss is caused by hormonal changes if you are sensitive to pill. On the other side, this pill causes a particular incident known as Telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium is a hair-growing phase when hair goes into resting state before completing natural growth cycle. In normal situation, we have 10%-15% of hair that remain in Telogen phase. But due to the influence of pill the percentage goes up to 50%. As a result, a huge number of hair may shed off for this Telogen phase.


When it occurs

It occurs when you take pill for the first time. Sometimes it is seen that when you change the brand or even you stop taking pill you lose your hair. Birth control pill contains progesterone with extra androgens that causes thinning hair.


Oral pill contain different amount of Oestrogen that leads to hair loss. Oestrogen influence hair loss in two ways.

  • Birth control increases Oestrogen that leads to increase growth stage. These processes promote hair follicles so that you have more hair in your scalp. After this phase follicles enter into resting stage where the hair growth reduces.
  • In this stage, hair starts shedding. So in one side you have hair growth and the other side you have hair shedding too. Ultimately, no hair is replaced with new one. 


Pill that can treat hair loss

Some Pills that contains high level of estrogen boosts hair growth. Increased estrogen prolong Anagen phase. But it has some side effects so ask your doctor that has lower androgenic effect.  


Which pill mostly causes hair loss?

If you want to know, which pills cause hair fall it is necessary to learn function of birth control pills. Birth control pill hinders pregnancy by combining different hormone by suppressing ovulation pills contains different combination of hormone. Birth control pill contains estrogen and progestine but mini pill contains progestine between the two option do you know which one is best? Birth control pill increases androgen, which increases DHT. This DHT shrinks hair follicles. As a result, hair becomes thin. As combination, birth control pill has progestine and estrogen then your androgen level will remain in check. For this reason physician prescribe combination birth control pill. The other side there is no estrogen in mini pills so you should not take avoid taking mini pills.


Before taking or choosing any birth control pill ask your doctor about its progestine and estrogen level so that you hair may not fall in adverse condition.


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