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There is no proper treatment that can serve 100% sure results for alopecia. Although some treatment are there which is effective for some people. But the effectiveness vary from people to people. If someone does not get any results that is not necessarily, mean that you also don’t get any result. One treatment may not work but there are a lot of treatment that may prove fruitful for your hair fall treatment. Most of the dermatologist determine the type of treatment based on the percentage of hair fall.


  1. Treatment for maximum 50% hair fall.
  2. Treatment for minimum 50% hair fall.


Whatever the therapies you take, each of them have some side effects. Some treatments are time consuming and may not bring any results. It may be little disappointing for you.


No treatment

As I have already mention, that Alopecia is unpredictable and no treatment is fruitful completely. There are so many example you can find that many people who have lost their hair frequently also experience hair regrowth within a year. At the same time, there are also some people who experience hair regrowth in their patches but a new patch is appeared on the other side of the scalp as well. Some people get some hair back within a few months but it falls out again. It is seen that the longer the time of no hair growth, the less likely chance to get hair back.


Treatment for maximum 50% hair loss  


Corticosteroids: If your hair fall is not sever, it can appropriate for you. It mostly used for mild cases. Normally a cream solution is applied to affected area. But there is also injection solution that is given onto the bald area. The effectiveness remain at the time of treatment. When the treatment is stopped, the hair falls out again. The side effects of Corticosteroids is rare. But you may affect weak immune system, lack of sleep, indigestion, nervousness.


Finasteride: Many times, I have discussed about this treatment in my previous articles. You have already know that it is used for male and female pattern baldness. It is mostly effective for men but for woman it is still in skeptical level. It is not recommended to use it during pregnancy. As it is effective for bringing hair back, It also bring some side effect like sexual abnormality, early ejaculation etc.


Dithranol: Dithranol is effective ointment applicable to the scalp. It is more effective if you apply it only for 10 minutes. The stronger it is the more effectively it works. The side effects of it is readness, burning etc.


Treatment for minimum 50% hair fall

Immunosuppressive drugs: Immunosuppressive drugs stimulate the immune system and results hair regrowth. You should not use it if doctor does not advise you. There are some potential side effects and the awful is, it weakens the infection resistance process. Sometimes it affects the liver, kidney, bone marrow.


PUVA: It is more effectively for those who are experiencing hair fall most recently. Very light drugs are applied for three to six weeks. It may causes some skin irritation for some people.


UVB: It is the same treatment as PUVA and most of the time is used to treat skin. But it is also very widely applicable treatment for hair loss. In some cases, it fails to prove its effectiveness and causes painful readness and burning.


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