Male pattern baldness


male plattern bledness


Majority of men faces some kind of baldness at any age in their lifetime. Baldness is ultimate sign of old age. So being bald is not an unusual phenomenon. I have observed that after a certain age the baldness take its own shape. But the process starts 15-20 years ago. In this process, you will see some hair fall at the beginning. Within a few years hair thinning is increased rapidly. Then a patch is appeared on the upper front of the scalp and the patch grow big day by day. So being bald is slow process that ends at old age.


Although baldness does not causes any harm to the body. It just impairs the personality and look. Most of the time men who goes bald before marriage faces problem in finding a life partner. Now I will discuss how the process take place with a person who goes bald at the very early age.


What happens in Male pattern baldness?

You may have noticed that bald people have a smooth scalp with less number of hair follicles. This follicle produces hair shaft. As the hair follicles are affected, it starts to shrink than it remain in normal situation. It ultimately results in thinner hair. At the same time the hair falls out before it s lifetime. Gradually the follicles stops producing any hair and at one time it is closed down.


How to know the symptoms

I hope that you have understood the process that is taken place in male pattern baldness. However, you may have some confusion about male pattern baldness. I think I can guess regarding the confusion. You may think, how to be sure about male pattern baldness. If you facing hairline receding and it takes “M” shape, then it is the primary symptom of male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is diagnosed seeing this appearance and pattern of hair loss.


Is there any treatment available?

Many affected people does not care about their baldness. But some people become anxious with their looks. They break down mentally and suffer from depression. Although there is no 100% successful treatment for male pattern baldness. Still some hope to hold your hair and delay the process of hair fall. Minoxidil and Finasteride proves successful for male pattern baldness. This treatment brings result within 1-2 years. But if you stop to use the effectiveness will remain strong. If you are going to use these drugs, be careful about the side effects of this treatment. There is a chance of being affected by rash, itchiness, readness, burn, on the scalp,.Sometimes this, itchiness turns into serious issue. Only use these drugs if you are prescribed. Otherwise, it may bring other health hazards.


Another way you can try to hide your baldness is, wearing wig. It is the easiest and effective option to look a full hair headed man.


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