Androgenic alopecia


Androgenic Alopecia


The reason that is commonly responsible for hair fall for men and woman is androgenic alopecia. Androgenic alopecia maintain some consistent stage of hair fall. At the beginning you will see hairline receding. Within a short time, the hairline take “M” shape form. Gradually it turn into a round shape pattern. But among woman no patch take place on the scalp.


What causes androgenic alopecia?

A number of reason are still unknown that causes androgenic alopecia. Many researcher blame genetic factor for androgenic alopecia. A hormone named androgen is the root cause of androgenic alopecia. Androgen is mostly responsible for regulating hair growth and sex drive. As it is genetic, so any one can be inherited if he or she has blood relatives with pattern baldness. There are some environmental factors that contributes in androgenic alopecia. Stress, hormonal imbalance, poor diet, infection on hair follicles. The reason can beanything. So don’t try to diagnose yourself. Because you can’t identify the genetic causes, on the other side you can’t identify the environmental factors. You can’t be sure of yourself what causes your hair fall. So it is better to consult a dermatologist.    


What Doctors suggest

Most of the doctors suggest treating the hair fall problem with natural medication. I also recommend you to go with natural treatment as it has no side effects and you can use this medication at any age.


Anti inflammation

Anti inflammation is mostly found in tea tree oil, Coconut oil castor oil. It is very effective for treating alopecia, dandruffand skin disorder.


Growth stimulators

Some hair growth stimulator like biotin that is mostly found in brown rice, and nuts helps to regrow hair. Peppermint oil applied to the scalp to increase blood circulation.


If any of these natural treatments does not prove effective then try some prescribed medication like minoxidil, Finasteride etc.


You can also try some cosmetic treatment. Hair fiber powders, hairpiece, transplant, can give a full head hair. Among these options hair fiber powder is less expensive but effective to some extent.


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