Baldness is a common phenomenon to all as age increases. It is common sign of being old aged. But many people are facing Baldness before age. Even some people lose their hair at early 20s. The process of baldness starts with some hair fall, thinning hair, ultimately Baldness.


I personally know some youngsters who have lost their hair before the age of 25. Although Baldness in male but some female are also facing some extensive hair fall. So baldness is not only limited within the age boundaries. It is becoming more common day by day. But the type symptom, causes are not same at all. Some are genetic and some are caused by external factors.


Baldness Pattern


I have already discussed that baldness does not cause by only one reason rather it is caused differently people to people. But a few type of baldness is more common among the people. Here I am going to discuss a few of them.


Alopecia Areata


Alopecia Areata is mostly common among woman specially who have blood relatives with Alopecia Areata. Alopecia Areata not only affects the scalp but also whole body. Normally Alopecia Areata affects people atany age like teenage, early adulthood. Still the scientist are not clear about the the exact reason of Alopecia Areata. When Alopecia Areata is the reason white blood cells attacks the hair follicles that causes hair slow process in hair production.


Alopecia Totalis


It is a next level of alopecia areata. The children and young adult are the group of affected people from Alopecia Totalis. If someone is affectedAlopecia Totalis he may face sudden total hair loss. That’s why it is called Alopecia Totalis


Alopecia universalis


It is the most awful pattern of baldness. All hair is lost within a very short period. Even eyebrows and eyelashes falls out.


Alopecia Mucinosa


Alopecia Mucinosa is autoimmune disease that mainly affects scalp, face neck. Although any part of the body can be affected. There are three types of Alopecia Mucinosa

  1. Primary and acute disorder: It mainly affects the children and the teenager.
  2. Primary and chronic disorder: Normally affects the over the 40 age of people
  3. Secondary disorder: It is kind of malignant skin disease.


Traction alopecia


It is an ultimate result of excessive styling. People who pull their hair excessively to decorate to decorate. Among thecommon patient of Traction alopecia are woman who use different styling products and make tight ponytail from Traction alopecia.


Some other common type of baldness are-

  • Male pattern baldness.
  • Female pattern baldness.
  • Anagen effluvium
  • Telogen Effluvium
  • Alopecia Barbae



Cause Behind Baldness in Young Age


There is a number of reasons that can contribute to hair loss in young age or premature balding. Following are some reasons that can cause premature hair loss.


Alopecia Areata


Patchy hair loss is known as alopecia areata in medical term. In case you find smooth hairless patches, this is the diagnosis. In some cases, the patches typically regrow hair in the areas left to them. And in some cases, the condition gets into alopecia totalis which is hair loss all over head, eyebrows and lashes. The condition can also get into alopecia universalis, which is hair loss all over the body including pubic hair and underarm.


Alopecia areata is usually believed to be effect of an autoimmune reaction. Body’s immune system considers the hair follicles as something foreign and attacks them by mistake. Alopecia areata can sometimes be linked with thyroid dysfunctions and infections in any part of the body, especially the teeth. Bacterial infections in the teeth may result in an autoimmune reaction that affects the hair follicles on the scalp, as suggested by a study at the University of Granada. In some cases, patches of hair loss gets aligned with location of the infected teeth.


In case of hairless patches, it’ good to wait for six months to see if the hair grows back. If the hair does not grow back, go for treatment.


Traction Alopecia


Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss where the hair is pulled out of the roots. This type of hair loss happens over months or years due to keeping hair pulled tight in certain hairstyles for fashion or other practical reasons (dreadlocks, rollers, cornrows, braids, pony trails). The hair follicles get damaged as the hair is always pulled tight. Once one strand of hair is pulled out, the newer hair is likely to be thinner and finer than previous hair. Over time, the scarring in the area, results in death of follicles and baldness.


Certain parts of the head are more prone to traction alopecia. Professional assistance is useful in determining if traction alopecia is the type of hair loss, you are experiencing. Hair typically discontinues growing on the sides of the head or in the back of the head.


When the area of traction hair loss is scaly and rough, the prognosis is typically better than when the area is smooth and shiny. It is good to go for treatment when the area of traction is still scaly and rough. It is because when the skin gets shiny, the hair follicles are already dead.




Trichillomania is a type of hair loss that is preventable. Some people habitually pull hair, having no idea of how much harm it does to the hair. Some pull so much that they go bald. Upon examination of the area of hair fall, doctors usually find broken hair shafts near the roots. The type of damage that causes this hair loss is similar to the type of damage that causes traction alopecia. In trichillomania, the pattern of hair loss gets determined by the patient’s handedness. Right handed people pull out more hair form right sides of their heads and left-handed people pull more from left sides.  


Trichillomania is considered as a type of psychological disorder. Therapy is recommended for the condition by standard psychiatric literature. For many, the threat of going bald can help quit the habit. For some, the threat of going bald does not help. In such cases, the therapy can help.


Poor Diet


A diet that is poor in iron and protein can cause hair to fall out. Vegetarians can have poor quality of hair, except those who consciously have balanced diet. It is because vegetarian’s diet usually lacks calcium and protein needed for growth of healthy hair.


Having balanced and healthful diet is good for healthy hair. Green leafy vegetables, fish, eggs and red meats can supply protein and iron. To promote healthy hair growth, nutrition experts recommend intake of gram sprouts and bean.


Aggressive Hair Treatments


Extreme hair styling and treatments can be harmful for hair. Hot ironing and perms make hair look better for a short while but can be harmful in the end. Blow dying and dyeing can pull at roots and harm by heat and burning.


Hot comb and hot oil treatments have been linked with follicular degeneration syndrome. Hair follicles in some areas get inflamed and patch of diffused hair loss happens, which can sometimes be precursor to baldness in the area.


Life Changes and Trauma


Major trauma or stress in life can cause hair loss. Divorce, childbirth, death of loved one in family, major illnesses, surgery or job stress can be reason for hair loss. Typically few months after the stressful event, clumps of hair fall out. Due to stress, hairs from growth stage suddenly moves onto resting stage. Few months later, the hair moves from resting stage to falling stage, resulting in lot of hair falling. The good thing is that most cases of hair fall caused by stress are temporary.


Thyroid or Other Hormonal Imbalances


Hormones control hair growth. Hair loss can happen when hormones are out of balance. The thyroid gland produces hormones that control transformation of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the main player behind genetic or hormonal hair loss. The DHT weakens the hair follicles and at some point, they die. Hair loss can be caused by an overactive thyroid. Conversely, thyroid gland, when underactive, can cause reduced production of sebum and malnourished hair, which falls easily. Hormonal imbalances can cause polycystic ovaries in women, which is linked with premature balding.


Certain Diseases and Medicines


Some diseases such as diabetes and lupus can cause hair loss. Skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections can also cause hair fall when they affect the scalp.


Some medicines can be reason for hair loss. Chemotherapy used to treat cancer causes baldness. Hormone replacement therapy, birth-control medicines and anabolic steroids can also contribute to hair fall. Medications for heart problems, weight loss, depression, high blood pressure, attention problem, gout, arthritis and acne can cause less severe hair loss. Weight training and supplements for bodybuilding can cause spike in testosterone level, which in turn, can cause bald ness.


When less severe hair fall happens as side effects of drugs for different diseases, medicine is usually not necessary. However, in case you find that you are at risk of going bald, seeing a doctor or dermatologist is a good idea.



Most men and women go bald because of genetic reasons. If your parents or grandparents have gone bald, you are also like to go bald. This problem is known as androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia causes both male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness. Androgenetic alopecia is about genetic sensitivity to DHT, which kills hair follicles. In some cases, trauma and stress can also trigger androgenetic alopecia.


There can be both common and uncommon reasons behind hair fall or baldness in young age. It is always good to see a doctor or dermatologist to address the issue.


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