Are People born with Alopecia?


Alopecia is a disease that anyone can be affected with it. As it may occur without showing any sign so that no one can say that he or she will not experience any form of alopecia. When some=one gets alopecia then he loses hair sporadically over whole scalp. But within a few months he starts to get his hair back. Some takes more time to get his previous condition. Even sometimes hair goes forever.


All these variation happens when someone has family history. But family history is not enough to cause alopecia all time. Sometimes external factors turns little possibilities into big problem. Here we will find an answer whether alopecia is born.


Is Alopecia Inborn?


Alopecia is a genetic disease, which is caused ancestral relationship. If you scrutinize the history of patient with alopecia, you will find that there is someone in his family who had this problem. This trend is very common. It is seen that parents once had this problem and it transfers to their next generation. Particularly children got this problem from maternal side. So it can be said that to some extent alopecia is an inborn disease.


But it is also true that some people who have relation with people affected by alopecia have absolutely normal hair. Because all times it is not regulated by blood relation. Some external factors also triggers this problem. These factors act as a promoter of this condition if the patient has genetic possibility.


Does Hair Grow Back?


As it is a genetic caused hair loss problem so it is difficult to say whether hair will grow back or not. Sometime hair grows back and sometime it never grow back. But most of the cases patients have this problem in their early age and they recover this within a few years. But all people is not so lucky. There are some people whose hair never grows back. But it is little unpredictable that people who deems they will never get their hair back suddenly have all hair back. This can happen to anyone. So it will not be right to be disappointed.


How it Influence our Life


Even it is genetic disease but does not cause any pain and other physical problem. People who have alopecia does not have any major health problem. It will not cause any side effect or create any other diseases. It will not hamper your normal life or reduce your life span. So it does not contribute in bringing major changes in your life. Society accept those people normally. Patient does not face any serious problem in their family and social life.


Therefore, the patient has to be stronger mentally. Because all time it is not easy to cope with the problem. Sometimes situation may be adverse so the patient has to face with courage. Role of family and friends must be supportive otherwise; it may be difficult for him.


Alopecia is a disease, which take place due to genes and external factors, but preventive measures can minimize the problem and slow down hair fall problem but not cure completely. So being positive to the problem will help to adapt it and live normal and stress free life.

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