Alopecia Medication


Treatment of hair loss depends on type of hair loss. Your hair loss pattern will determine treatment option. Before going to treatment it is important, identify the reason of hair loss. Because identifying the reason of hair loss is a little challenging task. Dermatologist often become confused in determining the reason as hair loss is caused by many factors. Most of the time hair fall is caused by more than two reasons. At the same time effectiveness is mainly, rely on the degree of hair fall.

Some hair loss due to menopause or childbirth recover within six months to 2 years. But some hair fall that is caused by fever, radiation therapy requires no treatment as you get back your hair after completing the therapy.

Hare I am describing some hair fall treatment according to the types of hair fall.


Pattern baldness

It is a permanent type of hair fall but some medicines helps in slowing down your hair fall. Using these medications, you will get result within 6 months but if you stop taking medication then hair fall will get back.

  • Propecia: It is only used in men and endorsed for androgenic alopecia. It helps to prevent conversion of testosterone, which is important to protect hair fall. But it causes less sexual drive. 
  • Minoxidil: This medicine is prescribed for both male and female. But how it helps in preventing hair fall is not known. But it has proved record of protect hair loss. In the market, there are many brand name like Rogain and Avacor.
  • Spironolactone: It is mostly used for high blood pressure. Along with this it is prescribed for treating alopecia. But it has some side effects including impotence, increased size of male breast, irregular menses.


Alopecia areata

Although there is no effective, medicine that prevents hair fall from root. Still you have some alternative that reduces the extension of hair fall.

  • Corticosteroid: As alopecia areata is autoimmune disease, Corticosteroid manage the immune system to reduce hair fall. It is applied in two ways. You can take It as injection or orally.          



It prevents DNA replication process with its tar like substance. You can apply it on your scalp in the patch area. But you should wash it off within 60 minutes. If you keep it for long time, you may feel skin irritation.



If you have weak immune system, this medicine will help you to boost your immune system. It is a magical solution for autoimmune disease. However, it has some limitation due to some side effects.



It has reputation in regrowing hair but at the same time, there are some risk involve with it. It can trigger skin rash, weak immune system, serious infection but these entire problems can be reversed.

Whatever solution you take you should carefully consider the side effects. It is better to talk with your doctor regarding how to use to get maximum benefits avoiding potential side effects.      


What is the Best Treatment for Alopecia?


Alopecia is generic name of hair loss. As it may occur for many reasons so types of hair loss will vary with these reasons. Alopecia ranges from hair shedding to baldness. It is classified into categories one non-scarring alopecia and the other is scarring. Non-scarring alopecia causes hair loss but hair follicles remain active hair will grow further. But in scarring alopecia hair sheds and follicles become inactive so hair cannot grow in future.


Alopecia is mostly occur due genes. But that does not mean other people will be affected with it. Hormonal imbalance also responsible for alopecia. This hormone blocks hair follicles so hair cannot grow further.    


The types of alopecia are –

  1. Alopecia Areata
  2. Telogen Effluvium
  3. Scarring Alopecia


These types cause temporary or permanent hair loss. There many factors that makes of different level of hair loss. Allergy, injuries, infections, irritants, toxins etc. are factors that further regulates hair loss process. Some medical condition is responsible for alopecia. Here I will discuss alopecia treatments.


Diagnosis of Alopecia


Alopecia causes mental pressure and lack of confidence. Although it is not seriously harmful but it is heart breaking and depressing. But it is not true that alopecia occurs of its own all time. Some physical illness causes alopecia as an effect of it. That is why particular illness require to treat first to treat alopecia from root. So you have to talk to your doctor and disclose everything about your health problem it will help your doctor to identify problem and decide treatment options.


For being sure doctor try to do many tests. Your hair might be required to remove from scalp. Then it will be observed under microscope to differentiate type’s alopecia. Sometimes advance test needs to be done.


Treatment of Alopecia


Hair loss is normal to some extent. So you cannot eliminate hair loss totally. Rather you can decrease the extent of hair loss. You can slow hair loss tendency but cannot stop totally. So at the very beginning you have to learn to adapt hair loss problem. The treatments can only suppress the problem but cannot fix forever. Some medicine causes hair loss to slow but when within few days hair fall resume if taking medicine is stopped. For example, finasteride helps to promote hair regrowing process. Minoxidil also works in a same pattern. When you stop taking these medicines your hair will start to fall. On the other hand, these medicines does not work same to different people. Hair growing take place to very people. It works for them who have small patchy hair loss. But finasteride should be avoided when a women is pregnant. Because it causes serious birth defects. These medicines work best for those women who are losing extra testosterone. Sometimes doctors suggest to have biotin as it makes hair and nail strong.


For some people corticosteroid works best to treat alopecia. It is injected to the patchy areas but it is used for few cases as it has some side effects. Some people are found with low level of iron and zinc. So they are prescribed to have this nutrients with their meal. Alopecia can be improved but cannot be cured totally. As a last resort of this condition, hair transplant is the only way.


Alopecia treatment does not succeeds to all person. So it cannot be told that you will be cured or get tide of this condition. But you can expects a better result by applying these treatments.


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