Aging Hair Signs and Treatment


Often people focus on their skin that is why it is easy to notice signs of aging with wrinkles, squeezed skin etc. But they don’t consider that their hair also telling story of old age until they turn grey. Grey hair is one of the major signs of aging hair. But there are some other signs that mostly remain unnoticed such as hair thinning, hair breakage, inelastic and finally hair loss.


The signs of aging hair varies from people to people. Although grey hair does not mean you are being aged all time. Due genetical variation some young people also having grey hair. On the other side, some aged people do not have grey hair. But they have some other type of signs like receding hair line, hair breakage etc.


Signs of Aging Hair


Grey hair is a primary sign stating you are getting old. People around 30s start having grey hair but by 40s it is almost obvious that your scalp will turn grey. Stress level, way of living regulate the degree of grey hair. The root cause of grey hair is lack of pigment.


Dry Hair


When you get older your, some changes take place inside of hair follicles. There some glands that produce oil to hair shaft and keep the hair healthy and fresh. Due to age, hair follicles become ill functioned and oil glands stops producing oil. So hair becomes drier, weak and leads to falling condition.




Moisture keeps your hair fresh and shiny. So when hair contains less moisture then it becomes harsh and inelastic. So hair breakage takes place and scalp become mostly visible. It is difficult to handle brittle hair and you cannot do any hairstyle you want.


Thinning Hair


At old age your majority of hair goes to Telogen stage, the more you are getting old the longer the Telogen phase. So hair shedding becomes very common issue at this time. Anagen phase becomes shorter so less hair strands grows. As a result, scalp looks more visible than ever.   


Treatments of Aging Hair


Have Right Hair Cut


Having appropriate haircut works very well in preventing and damaging hair at old age. Try to keep your hair short and choose that hairstyle which are short suitable for your looks and personality. Do not do any hairstyle that will look you older such as puffy or frumpy.


Hair color also contributes in determining your looks and appearance. Some hair color looks you aged and some looks you young. By right hair color, we can get back our young look and hide age. If you take blonde hair cut then you can try caramel lowlight color.


Your hair health needs some healthy treatment. Eat balance food; drink plenty of water to boost up your hair growing capacity. At old age, blood circulation becomes weak, so eat such foods that increase blood circulation and contains plenty of essential nutrient required for healthy hair follicles. Oil glands produces less oil when follicles is older, you can apply some coconut, olive, castor oil on you scalp. Massage your scalp while applying oil. A good massage is good for better blood circulation. If you find any deficit of any nutrients that is essential for scalp and hair shaft then external source of these nutrients can be consumed.


You cannot prevent hair aging rather you can delay aging process. At old age, normally it is difficult to hold and maintain a healthy and fit body, keeping healthy hair is tough. So along with caring your hair mental preparation and positivity is required to cope with the problem.


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    Signs of Aging Hair
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