Heartiest welcome to all of you. This newly built website is solely dedicated for the people who are affected by hair loss. Many of you like me have suffered or are suffering from extensive hair loss. My main purpose is to share my experience and make you educated so that you can improve or get rid of this problem. Hair loss is a common problem but not complex one. Through this website, I will provide you necessary support and guideline to improve your condition. In this purpose, you have to go through all the pages of this website. Although you will find many online site on this issue. But not a single one is fully focused so that you can be satisfied. But I am not going to make you disappointed. I will try my level best to make you understand the problem in a simple way and help you to get out of this problem.


Is there any particular strategy to act against hair loss?

Of course, there is a particular strategy to fight against hair loss. You may have heard the proverb that every problem comes along with a solution. First, you have to understand the nature of problem. Once you get the thorough understanding of the nature of problem, it will be easy for you to get the solution. Nature of hair, how it grows, what causes it fall these entire common question will make you aware about the inside of hair loss. After knowing, all about these you have to understand the reason that is responsible for your hair fall. Then you can apply the necessary solution.  


Is the solution mainly based on medicine or food habit or something else?

This is a little complex question. You have to keep in your mind that there is no single reason that you can blame for hair fall. Hair loss is a reaction of mixed causes. The causes may be your food habit, internal body function, you mental condition, way of life or lifestyle etc. So you cannot solely depend on medicine or food habit. The solution lies in your total life style. 


While reading the various pages of this website, you will come across some technical words and terms. Now I am going to describe some of these words so that it will be easy to catch the main theme of this problem.



Alopecia is a common male pattern baldness. You must have seen this type of baldness. It is normally seen in front and top of the head.



It is a common internal body function. It happens in every human body and mostly harmless. But sometimes it is a matter of worry if there is a conversion from benign autoimmunity to pathogenic immunity.



A process of removing a sample tissue for test under microscope to check any abnormality.



It is just opposite of diarrhea. Lack of frequent movement of bowel is known as constipation.



Enzyme is essential part of life. Converted protein boost up the chemical reaction in living organism.


Hair follicle

Hair follicle is skin organ from which hair grows.

These are the mostly used term words in hair loss problem. You may see some other words as you read the coming articles of this websites. But don’t worry, I will guide to make it simple. 


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